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About Us

Head quartered in Dallas, Texas, US and supported by a development center in India (Hyderabad), Innobox, designs and develops out-of-the-box products for wireless networking, computer vision and media streaming. From expertise in offering solutions, we extend ourselves with wide-ranging services in Linux and Android, Wireless, Networking, Computer Vision, Cloud and CMS.

We use latest and cutting-edge, top-quality technology for Embedded, Open Source, Parallel Computing, Multimedia, Networking, Communication and Cloud solutions. We are global in our methodology and world-class in developing and executing the most advanced products.

Founded by a group of professionals with years of experience in product and application development in many fortune 500 companies, the Innobox team brings to the table an at-the-bench perspective. Our Technology culture is chiefly focused on scalability, reliability, speed and integrity. By leveraging our powerful technology expertise and outstanding customer service, we have affirmed overall consumer satisfaction and have redefined business perception. Our enduring passion for quality has augmented our rapid growth.


Who we are?

Headquartered in Dallas, TX Innobox designs and develops innovative wireless connectivity devices using advanced machine learning algorithms. Innobox brings technology and innovation under one roof with an extraordinary team of Data Scientists and Product Development Experts; serving Fortune 500 companies over the last decade. Innobox Advisory Board is backed by Techpreneurs and Thought Leaders, who are active members of prominent Industry bodies, with a vision to develop sustainable IT solutions.

At Innobox, we leverage robust technological expertise to build scalable, reliable and integrated solutions while adhering to unmatched customer service and quality assurance. We develop next-gen wireless gadgets for smarter connectivity, media streaming devices, computer vision and smart gadgets using cutting-edge technological solutions. In short, Innobox redefines business operations with a blend of passion and innovation to showcase consistent growth.

Why Choose Us?

With a large global client base spanning across various industry verticals such as Networking, Automation, IT & Hardware, Media & Entertainment, and Smart Connectivity, Innobox invests in cutting-edge technologies to deliver out-of-the-box, state-of-the-art, compliant and cost-effective products and services.

  • We leverage technological expertise to ensure customer satisfaction and redefine business processes.
  • We provide niche product services and consulting for next-generation technologies.
  • We focus on providing scalable, agile, flexible solutions to enable a global roll-out.
  • We have an enduring passion for excellence that has expedited our growth over the years.
  • We offer a one-stop shop for product development services, including certification.


Innobox offerings include innovative products and services in cutting-edge technologies for Wireless, Networking, Computer Vision, Media Streaming, Cloud, Mobile, and Content Management Systems.

From designing and developing innovative techniques to productization, Innobox is the best technology provider for the industry needs. We consistently strive to provide cutting-edge solutions

Innobox emphasizes reusability. We embrace and contribute to open source software and offer supreme quality and hi-end complex system solutions to our customers. Innobox invests heavily in technology infrastructure in order to provide out-of-the-box, innovative, adaptable and cost effective products and services.

Innobox consistently designs and develops products and services that surpass customer expectations and augments their business agility. We use an organized resilient internal process to guarantee secured, hi-quality solutions and on-time delivery of products.

Our customers span multiple industries such as Networking, Automation, Communication, Entertainment, and Portable Compute.


John Doe

Murali Kakarla


An entrepreneur with a vision and a goal and a technocrat with a go-getter attitude. That in short sums up Murali Kakarla, the Founder & CEO of Innobox. Murali helped shape the company's roadmap with a visionary zeal and used his engineering skills to build the base upon which the company stands today.

Prior to founding Innobox, Murali built, led and managed engineering teams in such multinational companies like AMD, NVIDIA and PortalPlayer for over 12 years. He helped define strategies and roadmaps and has proven experience of leading software development, hardware design and integration teams to deliver some of the most innovative and technically challenging products that have shaped and redefined the consumer electronics market.

Murali played crucial roles in the portable device revolution, leading and managing teams that helped shape this generation's portable music players, portable media players, smart phones, tablets and portable wireless hotspots. He holds a patent in optimal power usage for portable devices. As an adjunct-professor, he regularly interacts with academia at universities and colleges. Murali has a Masters Degree in Digital Communication from PSG Coimbatore.

John Doe

Sriman Ambati


An entrepreneur with multifaceted abilities and an experience of over 13 years, Sriman Ambati is responsible for Innobox's finance organization, including financial planning and analysis, accounting, tax and internal audit. He helped shape and direct the company's finance policy and helped the company find its feet with his business acumen and talent that includes a keen eye for number. Sriman also handles innobox's investor relations and legal compliance.

Prior to joining Innobox, Sriman had earlier worked with NVIDIA and PortalPlayer for over 10 years. He played a key role in developing the Digital Multimedia Manager at PortalPlayer and worked with some of the best teams in the multimedia space on cutting edge technologies that reshaped the world’s view of consumer electronics. Sriman has an engineering degree and Masters from the prestigious BITS Pilani and has completed his CFA from ICFAI.

Employees Talk

Innobox brings years of experience and loads of passion into developing each product to deliver business intelligence at the touch of a button!

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