Computer Vision

Innobox can help configure and customize the software to suit your individual business needs.

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We develop out-of-the-box computer vision solutions to facilitate advanced analysis of real-world data in order to yield behavioral properties in diverse areas of businesses.

Computer Vision

Visual perception is one of the key aspects of human intelligence. Understanding of vision principles can yield behavioural properties in diverse areas like digital marketing, transportation safety, shopping experience, and security.

Advanced Computer Vision APIs contribute to identification, tracking and reporting of objects based on image, video, text and speech recognition technologies. At Innobox, we use advanced machine learning capabilities to develop software applications for image and video classification, content filtering, security, face detection, image labelling and biometrics among others.

Innobox’s team comprises of Machine Learning experts who are trained to build ready-to-use and highly accurate visual recognition models at par with global industry standards. Whether you are opting for a Google Vision API, Microsoft Azure API, Amazon Rekognition API, IBM Watson Visual Recognition, or any others Computer Vision APIs, Innobox can help configure and customize the software to suit your individual business needs.



Innobox develops solutions for inferring details based on digital images and video.


Innobox has experience developing solutions for real-world data and are actively working with its partners on a range of vision-based projects. .


Innobox can collaborate with you for your vision-based projects. We provide commercial technology integration services based on open source foundations.

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