Connectivity (Networking)

We are extremely well versed with compliance, certification and productization.

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We deliver advanced networking capabilities across a range of devices by implementing IPv6, IP-mobility, seamless authentication and secure-remote management.

Connectivity (Networking)

The Innobox team has complete understanding of the 802.xx specification and its implementations, including Security, QoS and Mobility. We are extremely well versed with compliance, certification and productization. Over the past few years, our team has implemented Secure Connectivity, Remote storage and Management, Tuning of Streaming Media over the 802.xx communication standards.

The team of Networking Engineers at Innobox has also worked on acceleration and optimizations at every layer in the network stack for both wired and wireless communication, applications like AVOD systems, Virus and Spam filtering, Provisioning and Management, Traffic Shaping and Management.

We have delivered multiple network products for the companies like Novatel Wireless, Inseego and Gryphon. Our expertise lies in the following, but is not limited to:



Ability to develop a product which can compliance multiple certification.


Network throughput and QoS over Wi-Fi and Ethernet.


Conceptualizing the Product and help them in brainstorming.


Software Architect & Design and development.


Unit testing and Automation testing so that a robust product can go out.


Delivery & maintenance until product goes out of life.

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