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Connectivity (Networking)

We deliver advanced networking capabilities across a range of devices by implementing IPv6, IP-mobility, seamless authentication and secure-remote management.

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Portable Devices

We use service delivery accelerators to redefine the boundaries of wireless gadgets by integrating high performance and long-lasting machine life into portable device electronics.

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Linux and Android

We develop agile integration of Linux & Android products based on open-source OS, middleware, drivers, kernel, boot-loader, frameworks and applications to provide customers with diversified applications.

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Testing Automation

We help determine the best testing solutions and frameworks for test automation, data integrity checks and other QA methodologies with minimal human intervention to test complicated business logic.

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Wireless Technologies

We deliver advanced high-speed wireless technologies that enable seamless connectivity ranging from long-range advanced wireless technologies (3G,LTE & 5G) to short-range wireless technologies (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth).

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Artificial Intelligence

We employ advanced deep neural networks, machine learning capabilities and Artificial Intelligence to improve overall business productivity and develop flagship IT solutions across various domains.

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We assist enterprises in meeting the requirements, and acquiring Wi-Fi Alliance Certification, Global Certification Forum (GCF) and PCS Type Certification Review Board (PTCRB) requirements for your cellular device.

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Computer Vision

We develop out-of-the-box computer vision solutions to facilitate advanced analysis of real-world data in order to yield behavioral properties in diverse areas of businesses.

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Content Management Systems

We utilize a range of reliable, flexible, customized and open-source frameworks for the design of cost-effective CMS solutions in compliance with industry standard ERP/CRM applications.

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Digital Media

We design advanced multimedia solutions to deliver Decoders, Encoders, Pre and Post Processing Effects, Digital Rights Management, Color conversion and Mixing, Performance, Power optimization and tuning without a glitch.

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We develop, integrate and manage enterprise-wide mobility solutions using the best platforms and architectures while assuring security compliance and improved workplace productivity.

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Mobile Applications

We develop next-gen mobile applications that are cross-compatible, adaptable and scalable across all major operating systems. Our expertise lies across all latest and advanced application development platforms in the market.

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