Testing Automation

ITAF supports Python and also runs on Jython (JVM) and IronPython (.Net) environments.

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We help determine the best testing solutions and frameworks for test automation, data integrity checks and other QA methodologies with minimal human intervention to test complicated business logic.

Testing Automation

Innobox Test Automation Framework (ITAF) is an end-to-end test framework that helps OEMs, Operators and Application developers/tester validate their products under real-time end-user conditions in the test lab. ITAF supports Python and also runs on Jython (JVM) and IronPython (.Net) environments.

ITAF is implemented with the integration of highly-efficient Open source components such as Python programming for functional, email, database, rest API, UNIX services, Internet protocols, inter-process communication and networking, concurrent execution, multimedia services, structured markup process tools (HTML and XML). It offers a generic remote server for Robot Framework, implemented in PHP, for use in creating remote libraries.

ITAF collaborates with a test automation framework for test-driven development. Robot Framework is a communication protocol for a variety of devices using Python libraries; and it supports machine-to-machine communication using MQTT Library. It also comes with a fake data generator to support the handling of huge test data.



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Testing automation services with the ability to address the testing needs of all your IT assets.


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