Wireless Technologies

Long-range advanced wireless technologies like 3G, LTE and 5G

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We deliver high-speed wireless technologies that enable seamless connectivity ranging from long-range advanced wireless technologies (3G & LTE) to short-range wireless technologies (Wi-Fi & Bluetooth).

Wireless Technologies

Innobox works on advanced high-speed wireless technologies that enable seamless connectivity to users on the move. We have delivered solutions to many innovative products from long-range advanced wireless technologies like 3G, NFC, RFID, LTE and 5G; to short-range wireless technologies like Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.

We’ve encompassed the power of wireless technologies with the early adoption to Cloud Computing. Our team is well-versed with load balancers for high scalability and availability, Programmable and Dynamic instance creation and configurations, Optimization of CPU and Storage usage to minimize costs.

Having worked with a majority of leading wireless service providers, we have a comprehensive insight into QoS, Performance, Optimization, Mobile IP, Compliance and Certification. Our teams have deployed multiple products using 802.xx, 3GPP, GSM, CDMA and UMTS family of communication technologies.



We’ve delivered wireless solutions ranging from media rendering to complex business application and content management systems.


We’ve also worked on Advanced cloud virtualization techniques, advanced cloud storage techniques such as SCSI.


Our team has also implemented Secure cloud access application implementations that manipulate and render data securely over CDNs for some of our long-term clients.

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